Our Services

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Behind Closed Doors Training


Behind Closed Doors is an immersive learning experience exploring domestic abuse, forced marriages and human trafficking. This is to confront issues that are normally kept hidden.

Children & Young People's Programme


Our children & young people programme is a 12 week therapeutic and restoration programme that has been designed to support children & young people aged 7-19, who have experienced or witnessed historic or current abuse and trauma.

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Building From Broken Pieces Programme


Building from Broken Pieces is an intensive six - month programme to empower & restore survivors who have experienced Domestic Abuse, Trauma, Forced Marriages or Human Trafficking. 

Coffee Connections

Coffee Connections is a peer-led support group for women 18+ who have completed our Building From Broken Pieces Programme. A platform for regular networking and support is facilitated currently through Zoom.

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Counselling offers people an opportunity to talk with trained counsellors in a safe and confidential environment with the aim of coming to terms with and dealing with difficulties in a positive way. 

Advice & Helpline

Our phonelines are open 9am - 5pm.

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