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"Education is the most powerful weapon,
which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Behind Closed Doors

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Behind Closed Doors is an immersive learning experience exploring domestic abuse, forced marriages and human trafficking. This is to confront issues that are normally kept hidden.

The training is highly experiential, allowing participants to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the above-mentioned themes. We also offer training for staff and managers as a package to understand vicarious trauma, its impact and how to ensure the well being of staff and managers.

Delegates will have an opportunity to learn through our interactive tool that incorporates applied learning skills development and critical thinking activities. We believe that this training will enable delegates to develop the tools needed to appropriately identify and respond to sensitive situations should they arise in the workplace with the focus on safety and security.

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Words from our customers

Sue - HSBC

The videos were impactful &

thought-provoking - moving.


Everything about the day was well structured, well presented and a nice mix of listening, watching & activities..

Colin - HSBC

The story telling - Very Powerful

Raj's personal story - Real

Lorraine - HSBC

To understand 'How' we can help - where to go also to recognise abuse etc

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