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Corporate Partnership


Help us to ensure that no one has to face domestic abuse alone.

The benefits of partnering with us

A partnership with BTSUK works both ways. We offer:

Dedicated Team – Our team offer a wealth of experience in all areas of corporate partnerships.


Domestic abuse expertise –We deliver expert domestic abuse training and consultancy. Our training can help you build a healthy workplace – benefiting you, your staff and your business performance.


Profile and branding – Your company will be seen to be supporting BTSUK at a time when domestic abuse is increasingly on the public’s agenda, improving your brand reputation and giving you market differentiation. Support from our dedicated press team maximising exposure of our partnership in the media. 


Networking and staff engagement – We offer staff places at events we run throughout the year. We also have volunteering and pro bono opportunities up and down the country as well as places in all major fundraising races and challenges.

Ways we can partner together

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Make us the charity of the year! 
We’ll do everything we can to make it an inspiring year for your staff and supporters.

Staff engagement. Our team are on hand to inspire and mobilise your staff to get fundraising.

Commercial partnerships. By bringing our brands together we can drive sales and support those affected by domestic abuse, forced marriage or human trafficking.
We can help you grow your brand and reach new audiences.

Strategic partnerships. We can work together to transform the response to domestic abuse, forced marriage and human trafficking, working on the issues that matter to you most.

If you would love to partner with BTSUK, please call 0121 285 2277, or alternatively email me at

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