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Building from Broken Pieces

This amazing 6 month programme targets those who have survived domestic abuse, dealing with the impact, rather than solely medicating the pain or addressing the outward effects of their abuse.

Written and delivered by Raj Holness herself, this ground breaking support and recovery programme aims to transition fearful victims into fearless victors through a 6-month programme broken down into 12 bi-monthly support sessions.

Tackling their trauma at the root, the programme encourages women to confront and combat their often similar situations through the many exercises, counselling and growth-development activities Raj has developed from her own harrowing experience of being abused.

With the ultimate aim to become a ‘Silence Breaker’ helping other women free themselves from their abuse, the Building From Broken Pieces programme has been described as a “life saver” from many of the women whom it has helped.

Quotes from Survivors

‘I was sick of the shame [domestic abuse] brought me and the foreboding shadow of self-hatred that seemed to follow me wherever I went. I had no idea how many lies I believed about myself. A huge one was that I was ugly and distasteful.’ – Anonymous

‘This programme is so needed…I didn’t realise how much I was affected by what I had experienced’ – Anonymous

If you are, or know someone who has been affected by domestic abuse, forced marriage or human trafficking, please call the Breaking The Silence team on: 0121 285 2277, or email mary@btsuk.org

The Building From Broken Pieces Programme is a free service for the most vulnerable people whom we support. If you’d like to help us help more people, a financial donation towards this programme would be greatly appreciated.

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Coming soon – children and young people’s programme is being launched in January 2019, designed to support children and young people who may have witnessed or directly been involved in the trauma of abuse.