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Building from Broken Pieces

This amazing 6 month programme targets those who have survived domestic abuse, dealing with the impact, rather than solely medicating the pain or addressing the outward effects of their abuse.

Our Objective

Our objective is to help women move from victims to victors during ground-breaking sessions. We will help them to be restored from the pain and experience they have suppressed. They will ultimately become mentors for others also looking for a life free from abuse.

A few statements from some of the women benefiting from our ‘Building from Broken Pieces’ programme

‘I was sick of the shame it brought me and the foreboding shadow of self-hatred that seemed to follow me where ever I went. I had no idea how many lies I believed about myself. A huge one was that I was ugly and distasteful.’ – Anonymous

‘This programme is so needed…I didn’t realise how much I was affected by what I had experienced’ – Anonymous

‘I just want to be free’ – Anonymous

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