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Theatre Production

‘When I Grow Up’ combines a thought-provoking script, a compelling plot, and powerful performances to take the audience on a journey of discovery and deep reflection around a topic often shrouded in silence.

Theatre Production

The theatre production tells the story of Alicia Spencer, a bright, gifted teenager whose hopes and dreams are suddenly left hanging in the balance when the cycle of abuse in her family reaches crisis point.

The drama was specifically tailored towards teenagers with the hope that it will give them the chance to better understand their plight and empower them to do something about it.

There will be qualified counsellors and police on hand so that those who are being affected will have the opportunity to express themselves freely, receive support and inevitably break the silence that they have been under.

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Truthful. Powerful. Emotive. DV handled well I can relate to it as i have experienced emotional manipulation as a young girl/woman who was naive to believe it was love at that time
Powerful Drama that causes you to reflect, look at the complex issues surrounding DV, very gripping
I loved the play the acting was great the story line powerful and truthful very emotional in places. Enjoyed very much story that needed to be told.
A gripping piece of theatre focused on an intense, eye opening and heart-wretching issue that needed to be shown on a live stage.

Each performer portrayed their individual character well both physically and emotionally. The production team truly worked hard as it was all visible on stage.

A successful piece of theatre hits you right in the gut, this one so did.

Well done to you, and your team – the play was very powerful, and we were particularly impressed with the quality of the information handed out. It would be great if you are able to produce a dvd resource for others to use particularly in schools, churches, and community venues.