“Having personally suffered domestic violence and sexual abuse from the age of 5, I have first-hand experience of the loneliness and cultural restraints that caused me to suffer in silence. Being from a Sikh background I was made to hide my bruises, threatened to keep quiet and led to believe that this was a normal part of our culture. At no time was I approached by any adults, teachers or even school friends to discuss why I was so introvert and at times angry! If they had known the warning signs, I could have been helped at a much younger age. It took over 20 years for me to see the truth and to break silence.”Raj

Behind Closed Doors (BCD)

Behind Closed Doors is an immersive learning experience exploring domestic abuse, forced marriage, and human trafficking. The training is highly experimental, allowing participants to gain a greater knowledge and understanding the above themes.

We also offer training for staff and managers as a package to understand vicarious trauma, its impact and how to ensure the wellbeing of staff and managers.

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