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“Having personally suffered domestic violence and sexual abuse from the age of 6, I have first-hand experience of the loneliness and cultural restraints that caused me to suffer in silence. Being from a Sikh background I was made to hide my bruises, threatened to keep quiet and led to believe that this was a normal part of our culture. At no time was I approached by any adults, teachers or even school friends to discuss why I was so introvert and at times angry! If they had known the warning signs, I could have been helped at a much younger age. It took over 20 years for me to see the truth and to break the silence.”

This is why, to end a crime that’s capable of such self-destruction, we must first seek to educate people on the warning signs in the hope it helps them identify it early on.

Behind Closed Doors (BCD) Programme

Right now, at this very moment, someone in your organisation could either be a victim or perpetrator of domestic abuse or a forced marriage.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t have any way of knowing…until now.

Specifically designed for public sector organisations, local authorities and larger corporations that all typically employ large amounts of people, our BCD programme equips professional establishments with the tools to recognise:

–      What constitutes domestic abuse, forced marriage and human trafficking

–      How to identify it happening to a person within their organisation

–      How to address and sensitively handle cases if and when they arise

Undergoing this training opens an organisation’s eyes to the suffering that could be right under its nose.

In addition, the training often encourages those who are suffering DA, HT or FM to speak up about their situation, offering them a platform to seek the help they need but were too afraid to seek.

Tailored to each organisation, the BCD programme provides interactive training and comes in 4 forms:

–      Half day

–      Full day

–      2 full days

–      Bespoke

The programme can be delivered either within the organisation’s premises, or within Breaking the Silence’s HQ in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

What to do next

Would like to book our Behind Closed Doors Awareness Session where we will educate you on the most common and most overlooked signs that a member of staff is suffering.

Then please email our learning & development Manager: mary@btsuk.org with the subject line: BCD Awareness Session and Mary will be in touch.

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