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Our Patrons

Supporters of Breaking the Silence.

I am delighted and excited to introduce our Patrons for Breaking the Silence, Mandy Thomas, Nikki Tapper  and Sameena Ali-Khan, as well as our Ambassodor’s, Kris’ina Jagpal and Justice Williams

It’s an honour to have these phenomenal ladies stand and represent us here at Breaking the Silence. If you would like to become a patron or would like more information, please contact us on info@btsuk.org

Kris’ina Jagpal


Women empowering women, I am very proud to represent breaking the silence” … read more.

Justice Williams MBE


Domestic Violence does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, regardless of their cultures” … read more.

Nikki Tapper


It gladden my heart to see women from all backgrounds, cultures, etc choose to turn their lives” … read more.

Mandy Thomas


“Raj had to fight her own battles for freedom. Choice drove her to be who she is today. A mighty “… read more.

Sameena Ali-Khan


“stories of brutality and their candid descriptions of the despair and loneliness they felt“… read more.